2021 Logo

2021 photo’s are now available!

The DWCGC’s preferred payment method is Venmo! Username: @DavidLivesOn

The 2021 t-shirt design is here: check it out on the T-Shirts page!

“Just Keep Your Faith in God……” decals are available for $10 each.  If you are interested please contact us at annual.dwcgc@gmail.com.

The CC Weight Room Dedication to David was an amazing experience! Read or Watch about it from the following links!!!:)

HometownLife     MLive Article     Mlive Video     FreePress

“State Champs” David Widzinski Feature Click here to watch a special edition of David on the State Champs TV series 

2019 Photo Gallery

2018 Photo Gallery

2017 Photo Gallery

2016 Photo Gallery

2015 Photo Gallery

2014 Photo Gallery

2013 Photo Gallery

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