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We encourage everyone who visits this site to share a memory or leave a message here. David will always live on in our hearts, but this is just one more way to remember how he touched so many lives.



  1. There are so many things I think of when it comes to David……the one that stands out the most is Gage’s 12th birthday party up north. It was one night and i mean “all night” of fun, fun, fun! David was constantly making all the boys laugh with his one line comments or telling stories about things they did in the past. The funniest thing is when I overheard one of the boys say something about “skinny dipping” in the lake…..of course I was mortified thinking their parents are going to kill me for letting this go on but of course David comes in and says, “Mrs. Speaks it really wasn’t that bad we ran in for a minute so I don’t know if you can really consider that skinny dipping.” As he was saying this to me he had his great big smile on. I think he was more worried for me because of the horror on my face.

    Another thing I think of is our carpool…..the boys usually didn’t have that much to say in the car on the way to school being so early and all BUT when they got talking it was about all the things they did in elementary and middle school together. The boys have known each other since kindergarten and the stories would just flow (the main story teller was David) and I just remember quite a few “belly laughs” in the care!

    It was such and honor to watch David become a man! I know our family will truly miss him! We definitely know we have our ANGEL David watching over us!! God BLESS!!

  2. A few memories that come to my mind are both football related. The first is when I coached against David when we played St. Edith. When we scouted Edith and watched films of their games our game plan centered on stopping #22 (the number he wore at Edith) when they had the ball and making sure we had him accounted for when we had the ball. And it wasn’t just us coaches that knew about #22 as my wife Nanci said that was all the parents were talking about, “look out for #22…we just have to stop #22”. David was relentless and so talented…a very tough combination that made him great.

    The next memory is when David came over to our house with a bunch of guys wearing his new cast on his broken hand. I kidded him about not letting that “silly cast” get in the way of him working out and he smiled and said, “I might not be able to do curls, Mr. Bock, but I can do bench press”. He was not going to let anything stop him from being the best that he could be.

    We miss David immensely physically, mentally, and spiritually on this year’s team. We are all “All in for 33” as the team battles in his honor in 2013!!!

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