All About David

At 16 years of age David Widzinski was a beloved son, brother, friend and teammate who oozed of warmth and charisma. Though his time was short, David touched many hearts, and left behind a legacy of compassion and dedication.

David w: Cam & Jonny

David’s days were filled with never-ending athletic activities and social gatherings, but his first and foremost priority was his relationship with God. While there were certainly bumps along the way, David lived a faith-driven life and possessed a spiritual wisdom far beyond his years. 

David and Drew confirmation

From the moment he stepped foot in a room it was clear that there was something special about David. He was known for the childish grin he constantly wore, and his uncanny ability to pass that grin on to anyone he met.

David could rouse laughter at a moment’s notice, and his magnetic personality allowed him to make lasting and meaningful connections with people from all different walks of life. No matter their background or relation to him, his playfully genuine nature always seemed to bring out the best qualities in those he spent time with.

David w: Nick & Josh

As tender and fun loving as he could be, an intense competitive drive also lingered within David. At a young age his desire to compete and succeed was clear, and from the moment he first buckled his chinstrap as a 3rd grader David began to discover an unremitting passion that would drive the next 8 years of his life.


Whether he was wearing #33 as a CC Shamrock, or #22 as St. Edith Eagle, football never ceased to serve as a foundational pillar in David’s life. He embraced the sport for the aggression, discipline and devotion it required, but more importantly David loved connecting with his teammates, learning from his coaches, and providing his friends and family with endless pride and joy.

David and Brandon

While always his favorite, football was just one of David’s many activities. He never met a sport he wouldn’t try his hand in, and in addition to football he also competed and achieved varied success in basketball, baseball, wrestling, lacrosse, soccer and golf.

Like all athletes, David’s career was filled with emotional highs and lows. Often he was fortunate enough to be surrounded by great teammates and mentors, and together they achieved many incredible successes, and also experienced some bitter disappointment.

However, before recalling any victories or defeats, his teammates are always first to remember David for his tireless work ethic, glowing enthusiasm, and genuine selflessness.

David football camp

Despite a never-ceasing athletic schedule that would have drained most, David was a social butterfly who could never resist the opportunity to spend time with his widespread group of friends.

New or old, David cared deeply for all his friends, and valued the relationships they shared. As he grew older the size of his social circle grew with him, but no matter how popular he became the heartfelt value he placed on each of his many friendships never diminished.  

David Cedar Point

While at times he could be the very definition of a social extrovert, many also remember him as the chubby boy with rosy cheeks who would often hide behind his Mom or Dad’s torso to avoid looking a stranger in the eye. 

The truth is, David embodied many qualities throughout his lifetime, but the ones that will be remembered most are his faith, love, kindness, determination and free-spirit.

David dunes

On the morning of December 3rd 2012 David’s life on earth came to a sudden end, but this tragic day spawned a profoundly beautiful aftermath.

In years to come 12/3/12 will not only be remembered as the day that David Widzinski passed away. It will also be marked as a moment in time that united a community, and inspired countless individuals to embody David’s boundless love.

David Angel



  1. This site is beautifully done….I smile when I see David’s childish grin:)

  2. What a well written and moving tribute to our friend, David!!! 🙂

  3. I know David is happy, but this beautiful “All About David” brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, God, for giving David to the world. He touched (and still does touch) many lives.

  4. This site is absolutely beautiful. David will live on through all who loved him so much!

  5. This is a beautiful site and a beautiful tribute to David. I think of him often and it always makes me smile.

  6. What a loving tribute to David through the eyes of his friends who loved him dearly and clearly lived “in the moment” with him! Thank you for sharing yet another poignant ‘picture’ of who David was.

  7. Though I never met David, I knew his parents very well from our school years together. After reading this wonderful tribute to Barbara and Paul’s son, I see they raised a beautiful child together.

  8. You’ve captured the true essence of David here! What a blessing it is has been to know and love David.

  9. Thank you for this time spent with David. He and his family are on our hearts and minds forever.

  10. What lovely words. David will be forever missed.

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